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There is no cost or fee to use my service. I earn my income from the hotels agreeing to pay travel agent commissions for placing teams at their hotel.

Although no written agreement exists between the university, coach or program and my company, a "gentlemen's" agreement is in place and understood. I ask that whenever hotels call the coaches to try and have the team stay at their properties, the coach simply tells them to "contact our Hotel Guy / Mark Rosoff" as "He sets up all our lodging arrangements"

My Company has all the required liability insurance required by laws governing International Tour Operators and Travel Agents set forth by "IATAN" (the International Airlines and Travel Agent Network). Since my service focuses on lodging for NCAA Athletic teams (I do not sell and promote ski tours, cruises, etc), the amount of my liability insurance is $500,000.00. This is accepted coverage for the amount of business I do. I have access to a legal team, a financial team and an operations team.