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Booking A Trip


Simply email the following information

1) The city or university you would like to stay in or competing against
2) The arrival date, departure date,
3) The number of rooms you need per night, room type (double / doubles, kings)
4) A fax number and your preferred method of payment. 

Once I get your request, I can get started on providing you with hotel options.  Typically it takes me about a week to knock out a compete schedule.  If a team is looking for help in just 1 city, I can get those hotel options back to them within a day or two.

Coaches then receive an email from me listing their, “Hotel Options”.  Coaches simply email me back their selections and I set up their team reservation.  The interaction between hotel and coach is very, very limited.  I do everything to take the hassle out of booking team travel hotel reservations.  Once all the teams information is submitted to the hotel(s), coaches then receive an email from me titled, “Hotel Summary”.  The hotel summary lists the entire season’s hotel’s information:  Hotel name, address, phone and fax number, arrival date, departure date, on-site hotel contact and their email address and the room rate.  This is a great email to forward to parents, alumni and friends who may want to travel with the team and stay in the same hotel.

Each individual hotel then sends their own booking agreement directly to the coach.  If for some reason a coach does not hear from a hotel or receive a contract, the coach simply emails me so that I can follow up.