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Mark was born in Brooklyn, New York and attended Abraham Lincoln High School located in the Brighton Beach / Coney Island area of New York.   Mark is a Boston University Hotel School graduate with over 23 years of professional experience in the hospitality, travel and tourism industries.  He spent six months working at Disney World in Orlando Florida on a college internship and attended the Cornell University Hotel School’s Summer Professional Development Program designed for professionals working in the hotel industry. 

My profession is in the hotel industry.   Since I am a “hotel guy”, teams only benefit from my knowledge and understanding of running hotels and their food and beverage operations.   When you take my knowledge of the hotel industry and marry that with over 16 years of team travel planning, my service is second to none.  I honestly don’t think anyone else doing what I do has the same passion, background and commitment to the success of the programs I work with.  

This is my profession - my livelihood.  I work very hard for all the programs who work with me.  I enjoy being a part of the winning combination.  I know the lodging aspect of an athletic program is so important to the success of the trip.  I know what is important to team travel as I have been assisting teams with their lodging requirements for many years.